Investment in Bonds: is it a good idea?

Present economic situation is presenting a hard challenge for bond investors. Yield of government bonds is going down. There is a significant amount volatility is present with bond investment now a days. There is threat of interest rate volatility, longer term infaltion, and ongoing European debt crises for bond investors. This is a very difficult

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AMD bouncing back?

AMD was struggling since few months and investors were skeptical about whether to invest in this company or not to invest. Since few months its stock was depressed. Since PC sales was declined in past months, AMD was not looking good. Howvever the scenario looks a bit different now and favours AMD. AMD is a

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Top performing Hedge Funds!

Hedge fund have been very successful in past to attract high worth investors. In a recent report by hedge fund research (, the total AUM (Assets Under Management) grew more than $2.4 trillion and held by more than 10,000 funds worldwide. In the last quarter the inflow of money to Hedge funds was more than

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