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Century Link (NYSE: CTL), can this stock make you richer?

Since last few weeks this stock is one of the most talked stock in news, specially after Century Link acquired Level 3. If we see the future potential of combined company, it is the third largest in telecom sector now. Level 3 dominates in fiber optics connectivity market. Stock is trading much less than (~ $13.9) its original value (P/B ~ 0.58). Company is consistently paying dividends with yield aprox 15.3 making it one of the highest yield in the sector. Stock is trading almost 50% down its value in one year. It makes it interesting risky bet. Couple of points to note: this company is build on a strategy of acquiring other companies, which it is doing since many many years and successfully integrating bought out companies with parent companies, second, company is rewarding its shareholders with handsome dividends consistently, third it is a global company with presence in more than 60 countries serving thousands of customers worldwide, fourth company has enough assets to cover its short term loan requirements. If we consider many other points other than financial ratios, fundamental analysis, qualitative factors indicate that this is a good stock to own now and there are many good reasons to believe that in coming future (next 1-2 years) this stock may double up.

What is your opinion about buying/holding this stock?

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